The Big Picture – Beyond Just Computer Components

You can summarize Servers4less with the following bullet points.

  • Preserving the Environment
  • Supporting Good Causes
  • Happen to sell Computer Parts

Preserving the Environment

We specialize in reselling refurbished products to keep them in the market and out of landfills for as long as possible. Although computer parts serve us in our everyday lives, they are also a part of the Household Hazardous Wastes List. These goods are too dangerous to just throw away in the trash, and often refurbished products have over 70% of their life still in them when they are thrown away or replaced. By selling refurbished goods, we do our best to keep our planet clean and these toxic products from entering our soil, food, and waters.

Supporting Good Causes

Regarding good causes, some of our favorite non-profits are:

We donate $1 from our profit for each order towards a non-profit of your choice. (You can select which one you want during checkout).

We’re also interested in other efforts to keeping the world clean, such as recycling plastic and preventing our marine life from facing extinction. We’re impressed with organizations such as PlasticBank and HurstDoors that put in effort to prevent manufacturer wastes.

Happen to Sell Computer Parts

We sell servers and computer components hopefully giving humanity a step forward in its evolution into a better, connected, transparent, and aware world. It’s our weapon of choice to do good in the world while protecting the environment and offering a hand up to those in need.

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