Tech Tip: What is NVMe (NVM Express)?

NVMe is also known as NVM Express, or Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface Specification. It is the reason that the newest computers on the market are so much faster than their predecessors. From booting to shutting down, these days all operations are having so fast that we don’t really have to wait for our computer anymore.

Although CPUs and GPUs have transformed the way we use our computers over the past decade, it’s the removal of disk bottleneck that has made such a huge difference in the computer experience.

NVMe SSDs literally work four times faster than SATA SSDs from the previous generation. The fact is that SATA SSDs work slower than their actual potential in their installed environments. Whether it’s a RAID configuration or a regular PC, it’s the NVMe technology that allowing us to leverage SSDs best.

The real speed of the SSD shines when you boot the OS from it. If your BIOS supports NVMe booting, it might just be the last upgrade you’ll need for a long time. NVMe is a real game-changer in today’s computer environment.

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