What Is The Difference: SFP vs SFP+ Switches

What Is The Difference: SFP vs SFP+ Switches

What is The Difference: SFP vs SFP+ Switches

Difference Between SFP and SFP+

Networking Switches are crucial for establishing a stable network connection through the devices. They are capable of handling small to large networks which connect servers, computers, printers, and other devices through the network. There are different types of network switches available that are used to connect a switch or other network device to copper or fiber cable. In this blog post, we will discuss the differences between SFP and SFP+ Switches including what they are and how they work?. 

SFP Definition

An SFP (Small-factor Pluggable), is a hot-swappable network switch that is used to connect with switches and other networking devices with copper and fiber cables. The SFP switches have replaced the old common gigabit interface converter (GBIC) or Mini-GBIC. The switches on SFP ports and SFP modules allow the network switch to connect to different types of fiber and Ethernet cables offering variations in speeds. Further, the SFP form factors are small pluggable that consist of the specifications based on IEEE802.3 and SFF-8472. Moreover, all the enterprise-class switches consist of two or more SFP ports which allows them to become a part of a ring or star-based network that is spread through different buildings, areas, or floors to keep them connected through fiber cabling.

SFP+ Definition

SFP+ is an advanced version of SFP that supports enhanced speed that ranges up to 16GB/s. The SFP+ switches are capable of providing support to the single-mode fiber that is widespread through the distance of 40KM, whereas, at times it can stretch through 80KMs. Moreover, SFP+ switches also support WAN connections that are based on the Optical Network Specification OTU2. SFP+ further facilitates fiber and copper.

SFP vs SFP+ Switches

SFP and SFP+ Switches may look alike but there are several factors like data speed, transmission rate, compatibility factors, and more that sets both apart from one another.

SFP port switches are known to support 10/1000 MB/s but SFP+, which is an advanced or updated transceiver, is known to deliver a data transfer speed of around 10GB/s. With this variation in data rate, the transmission distance and application also vary. SFP+ with higher data rate speed is known to have better and longer transmissions as compared to SFP. Further, in terms of compatibility SFP+ ports often accept SFP optics but at a reduced speed of 1GB/s but SFP+ ports cannot be plugged into SFP ports as SFP+ is only caters minimum speed of around 1GB/s. 

SFP Switches are used in 100Bse or 1000Base applications, whereas SFP+ is used in Gigabit Ethernet applications, Unlike SFP, SFP+ is capable of using the same aspects of pluggable transceivers in 10GB/s and fiber channel 8.5GB/s channel followed by SFP, at the same time SFP is not capable of supporting 10GB/s data transmission rate which means they cannot be used in the same network.  Another notable difference is that SFP+ complies with SFP-8431 whereas. SFP+ complies with the standards of IEEE802.3.

To differentiate between SFP and SFP+, the following is the comparison of the two transceivers:

Module Data rate (M-Mbps, G-Gbps) Type, Modulation

Distance /Wavelengths

SFP 155M/622M/ Dual fiber 500m/2km/
  1.25G/ Single Fiber/WDM 10km/15km/
  2.5G/3G/ CWDM 20km/40km/
  4.25G DWDM 60km/80km/
SFP+ 6G/8.5G/10G Dual fiber 220m/300m/
    Single Fiber/WDM 2km/10km/
    CWDM 20km/40km/
    DWDM 60km/80km
      1270 nm to 1610
      1270 nm and 1330 nm (BiDi SFP+)

Choosing the best SFP and SFP+ Switches

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