What is the Difference Between Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point?

What is the Difference Between Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point?

Difference Between Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point

What is the difference between Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point?

Wireless internet has become the need for not only home users but also businesses. A wireless router is required to connect the devices to the WiFi. These routers are sufficient for home users as the signals can easily reach across the house. However, there are many users that are not familiar with Wireless Access Point and how it works. Therefore, both the devices are used to connect the devices to the WiFi network. This article will further help with differentiating between the two devices for the users to make the right choice.

What is a wireless router? 

Wireless Router

A wireless router is a device that helps with forwarding the internet connection to all the devices. WiFi helps with combining the network function of the router with the wireless access point. A WiFI router is known to work like a wired router but instead, it replaces wireless radio signals with wires. Routers look like small box which consists of multiple short antennas that help with expanding the range of the signals, and as far the device is from the router, the weaker the signals. These WiFi routers are capable of working as internet routers, access points, or a switch. The number of users that a router can support depends on the kind of router being used. Whereas, the majority of wireless routers can also work as firewalls that block, manage, filter, and control the incoming and outgoing network traffic. These routers have been further enhanced which allows more devices and expands the bandwidth.

What is a wireless access point?

wireless access point

A wireless access point or an access point is networking hardware that connects WiFi devices to the wired network by sending the traffic through the group of wireless workstations to close by wired local area network (LAN). A wireless access point uses an Ethernet cable to connect to the wired router and provide a WiFi signal in the area close by. Further, an AP that is similar to an Ethernet hub, an AP transfers 802.11 frames to the rest of 802.11 or 802.3 stations in a similar subnet. The larger enterprises or the building needs access points that make it easier for users to be connected to the internet from anywhere in the vicinity. To ensure the connectivity throughout the enterprise these APs are placed strategically to ensure the connectivity is enhanced and is accessible in the dead spots or the spots where there are weak WiFi signals. In such large buildings or enterprises, an Ethernet router or wireless AP acts as a gateway that helps with sending the data back and forth between several packet-switched computer networks like LAN, whereas the APs help with connecting end-user devices with the LAN.

Difference Between Wireless Router and Wireless Access Point

Wireless routers are commonly used in small offices and homes, that connect all the devices to a single router, whereas, wireless access points are used by larger enterprises or buildings that have a larger area to cover for a router.

Routers are capable of serving wired as well as wireless networks, whereas wireless access points accommodate portable devices such as laptops, tablets, or phones as AP helps with bringing the wireless ability to wired networks. whereas, wireless routers are not efficient enough to cater to increasing or extended needs of the network. However, for wireless access points, due to its capability to cater to extended areas that can support thousands of users. These APs can cater to increasing networking needs by adding additional APs which offer more scalability as compared to wireless routers. Best Wireless routers consist of basic firewall features that use network address translation that shares one IP address through several wireless networks. As several wireless routers

Additionally, wireless routers consist of basic firewall functionality that uses Network Address Translation that shares one IP address through the network. Several wireless routers consist of a four-port Ethernet switch that can connect several wired PCs through Ethernet cable to the LAN cable which also shares internet access. Whereas, many wireless routers merge the functionality of an Ethernet router, wireless AP, small Ethernet switch, and basic firewall. Hence, wireless routers are often considered wireless access points as it consists of AP capabilities, whereas, the wireless access point cannot be a wireless router.

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