what are the types of computer network routers?

What are Routers in Computer Network?

 computer network routers

What are Routers in Computer Network?

Looking for a solution to enhance network connectivity among the devices? Network routers help with enhancing the connectivity among the devices.

What is a router?

A router is a networking device that connects two or more data packets among the devices connected to the network. They can manage the traffic and allow multiple devices that use the same internet connection. These routers pass the data between LANs (Local Area Networks – a group of connected devices limited to a particular geographical area) and WANs (Wide Area Network – an extended network that is spread through a wide geographical area and is usually used in large organizations. with every location require a separate router and LAN).

How does a router work?

Routers connect several devices within a network by forwarding data packets among them. The data is sent back and forth among the connected devices and the internet by assigning a local IP address to every individual device on the network. This helps with ensuring that the data packets are sent to the right IP address. However, there is still the possibility that the data packets can end up at the wrong address, if the information is limited, which is why it is necessary to ensure that each device has a unique number so the package is directed toward the right address. Also, routers help if the user needs to return the data to the sender or send their package.

Types of Network Routers

To connect the internet with LAN, it is necessary to ensure that modem and routers easily communicate with each other. There are several types of routers with each of them performing specific functions, such as;

Wireless Routers

wireless router

Wireless routers are connected to modems through Ethernet cables. It allows the wireless to receive information and transmit it to the internet, which helps the routers to create a home WiFi network using home antennas.

Wired Routers

wired router

Wired routers are connected directly to the computers through wired connections. They have a port that connects the modem to the internet, whereas there are often other ports that allow wired routers to connect with computers and other devices.

Core Routers

core router

Core routers are used by large enterprises that transmit large amounts of data packets across the network. These routers function at the network’s core and do not communicate with outside networks.

Edge Routers

Edge Routers

Edge routers are designed to deal with internal and external networks. These routers operate at the edge of the network followed by sending and receiving data from LANs and WANs through border gateway protocol.

Virtual Routers

Virtual Routers

A virtual router is a software application that works similarly to a standard hardware router. it may use the virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP) that launches primary and backup virtual routers.

Key Features of Network Routers

Network routers help enhance internet connectivity among devices. Following are a few key features that impact the performance of the network;

  • Routers are capable of connecting different networks and sending data packets across the networks
  •  The router is used in both WANs and LANs
  • Routers can transfer data in the form of IP packets that help with transmitting data through IP address
  • Networking routers are comparatively more expensive than other networking devices such as bridges, hubs, switches, and more.
  • Routers share the information among the devices to refresh or create a routing table.
  • The router is also called a layer 3 network.

Where can I find the best routers?

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