Samsung plans to launch 1 TB DDR5 Memory in 2023

Samsung plans to launch 1 TB DDR5 Memory in 2023

Samsung Unveils 1 TB DDR5 Memory For Next-Gen Server and HPC Solutions

To keep up with next-generation platforms, Samsung plans to launch the latest 1 TB DDR5 Memory in 2023. Samsung, AMD, and Intel recognized the need for the growing demand for high-performing memory modules that will not only enhance the storage capacity but also be capable of catering to intensive workloads and performing multiple complex tasks simultaneously.

Samsung DDR5 Memory

Samsung has unveiled its plans for the future on its Memory Roadmap with its all-new DDR5 lineup, topped with the industry’s first 512GB RDIMM/LRDIMM that is based on 16GB and 24GB DDR5 memory modules. With these innovations also comes a 32GB IC, which will later be used in a 1TB DDR5 RAM that the manufacturer plans to release in late 2023 or early 2024.

The Samsung DDR5 Memory is no longer limited to servers or enterprises but has also become essential for mainstream consumer space. Therefore, with extended storage capacity, high speed is equally crucial for the users. Keeping this requirement in mind, Samsung has been improving its performance and is set to introduce ICs with a transmission rate of 5200MT/s to 5600 MT/s, mainly aimed at client PC platforms.

These chips are further expected to be used by module houses such as Corsair and G.Skill, which helps build module rates of around 6800 MT/s to 7000 MT/s and more. It will require more voltage to operate.

Samsung DDR5 RAM in 2025

Moreover, compared to the older version of DDR, i.e. DDR4 Memory, DDR5 features twice the capacity and four times the speeds. These memory modules are energy efficient with frequencies up to 7200MHz and higher, followed by around 32 memory banks. Also, the anticipated number of bins has gone up to 16n.

Further, these DDR5 RAMs with a 7200 MT/s data transmission rate at the JEDEC can operate at 1.1 Volts. Despite DDR5-7200 being discussed for quite a while now, without disclosing any information about producing other devices. However, in a webinar, Samsung explained the attributes of DDR5-7200+ in 2025, with the expected speed ranging up to 10,000+ MT/s and higher. Also, this new type of Memory is expected to be more expensive than current types of memory due to its speed and storage space.


Samsung is set to release its latest high-end server-grade DDR5 RAM lineup based on monolithic 16GB and 24G DRAM ICs. These memory sticks can feature extended storage capacities of around 16GB to 512GB. Further, as per Samsung’s roadmap, they have introduced a 32GB monolithic DDR5 die in early 2023, which will be available in the market by late 2023 or early 2024. These memory chips will help build 1TB DDR5 memory modules for server platforms and 32GB UDIMMs for client PCs. Whereas, as far as speed is concerned, Samsung has stated that they will be launching DDR5-7200+ that can operate at 1.1V ICs with memory sticks that can work at 10,000MT/s and more.

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a South Korean company initially founded as a grocery trading store by Lee Byung-Chull in March 1938. The company is the world’s largest memory chip manufacturer, which produces many other electronic components and electronics. Also, Samsung is one of the globally largest multinational electronics companies, producing everything from televisions to semiconductors and even robots, with an estimated $204 billion worth of assets.

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